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About Solomon's Haven

1989-1990 - Maria son Nadeem(Nigel)(passed away, 2005) was in Grade 5 when he brought a friend home from school and Maria questioned when she saw the child coming everyday and asked him why he wasn’t going home. He mentioned that his dad was very abusive towards him, his siblings and their mother.

Maria took it upon herself to contact the child’s mother and invite her to find out if she could help. This is how it started. Maria housed them while the woman took steps against her husband. Maria took care of them and her passion for helping others started as she herself was an abused child. Maria was illiterate for the most part of her life as she had to work for her siblings and never had the opportunity to attend school. She has however achieved her aim of reading and writing when she attended classes at Maryland Literacy program.

Alec has always supported Maria in what ever she does and with this their love for their community and the kids in their care has grown. Maria and Alec has been married for 25 years and still going strong.

What different organizations do they work with? JDI Foundation (Just do it) Herzlia High School - Cape Town Marco van Embden (Tourist Company), etc What sort of donations do they find the most helpful? Groceries Meat hampers Clothing/shoes for the kids How many children do they have currently, what ages and what are the circumstances that they come from? How much does it cost to feed, clothe and house each child? How many bedrooms does the home have, how many kids in a room- what do they children do for recreation- TV, games church etc. +- 17, number may vary as place is needed for others.

How do Maria and Alec motivate themselves to do this good work even when times are tough? When things get tough Maria and Alec knows that praying which they do every single day helps them through. The love for the children makes them look past the fact their might not be for tomorrow. They won’t allow a child to go back to what they were saved from.

They will take each day as it comes and God (Their savior) makes things just fall into place. Achievements of some of the kids Lorna Cooney - Achieved 9th position (Grade 9 - All grade nines) at school - Princeton High School Lorna Cooney - Won the Sanlam Art award at school (Picture of Painting available) Aneesa Warries - Was the haven for about 9 years and is currently working for Social Services Anthony - Has become a City police officer Vanessa - Was at the haven for a few years and never attended school but with Maria’s help she has matriculated and has attended college and studied Accounting.dignified way.

Maria Maria Solomons




Aims and Objectives

To create an atmosphere of safety for the most vulnerable in the community, a sense of belonging, intergrate into society, be cared for and to live a normal life with no prejudice. Equipping them with the necessary education and skills and to prepare them for their future, also to develop them intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

To see our shelter taking another step in its development, rated number one caring shelter through it’s qualitative services to use qualitative management and organizational skills to deliver best practices of caring and sharing amongst the vulnerable to be sensitive and intolerant to the child’s shortcomings and behavior.

Mission Statement

With transformation we will be able to meet the challenging needs those in our care, ensuring we work together with all relevant authorities pertaining to our mission. We shall continue creating an environment whereby the children will enjoy freedom, feel protected and welcomed.

Organisational Enviroment

The environment will be favorable for the child to reach his/her dreams. Through our experience we gained since we began we will be able to address the needs and wants of the children. With the wisdom of God we will there for them through all trials and tribulations that they will encounter with legal entities. The Haven is a registered institution NPO :014-328, PBO/section 18a :930029288

Quality Services Offered

The safety and wellbeing of the children in our care is our outmost priority. All relevant departments pertaining to our shelter we will closely work with them. All prerequisites as required by the departments will be adhered to and carried out.

Market segmentation all vulnerable children irrespective of Race, Color or Creed will be heartily welcomed within the Republic of South Africa.


Solomons Haven is a shining light for abused, neglected and adopted children that there is more to life and also Hope for them to succeed in life. The entire haven has a father (Alec) and Mother(Maria) who really cares for them. They are being well supported by their biological children making it easy for those children to settle down and start living a normal life and become part in the mainstream of everyday living. Knowing they have a family who listen to them and solve problems facing them in a dignified way.



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