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Awards at Solomon's Haven

Woman Of Worth Winner 2004

Maria Solomons was a finalist in 2003, and deservedly won the award in 2004, the year that heralded "finding you voice". 

Maria is the voice of many children silenced by pain and suffering. She is their provider and protector, not just the founder and director of Solomon's Haven in Mitchell's Plain.

The organisaion provides more than just accommodation, care  and guidance to abandoned children. She gives hope and a new life, happiness in every day, shown in the way that her children sing and smile.

An emotional pillar of strength, Maria fought illiteracy and obtain her matric at the age of 37, needing reading and writing for the legalities involved in caring for children.

Maria and her husband work tirelessly to ensure that the children in their care are given the highest quality care, love and  attention. Her latest project involves educating adults
and children about the spirit of ubuntu and encouraging them to work as a unit to make a difference in their various communities.




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